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Sinead O’Connor shares apology to her family

Sinead O’Connor has shared an apology to her family after hitting out at them last year.

The singer took to social media to express her remorse, for “viciously” insulting them and dubbed her actions “unforgivable”.

Taking to Facebook, she wrote:

“Last year I did something…unforgivable because I was out of my mind. I insulted very viciously, people I love. My family specifically.., I want to apologise here for the fact I did such an awful thing. I am nothing but remorseful and it is, as I said, unforgivable… I want to tell you some nice things about my family. Because actually they’re really cool. And it’s me who’s been the total A-Hole. And it really hurt my family, what I did with Facebook. So I wanna rectify what can be rectified….”

She then went on to share a number of stories about her family including her father, she revealed:

“He’s very emotional in a good way… he loves poetry and music. He just wants a peaceful life. Poor guy… can you imagine having to have a daughter like me? I’ve been the mythical ‘third child is always trouble. He’s one of my heroes. Because he was fighting the church when I was a young teenager. To bring in divorce. He’s be on the news. Not taking any shit. It was wonderful. He took us to church. He’s into God. He’s good to his wife. He’s a soft person. Like me. We both act tough. We’re ‘small dogs’ I love him very much. Even though we scrap. We are each other’s mirror. He is a very humble person too. And he is in love with songs. He’s very romantic.”

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BDoyle beside her at GB.

Careful, is she making her peace, with a plan? I would worry more about this episode, than the last.

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