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Sister of Irish coastguard, Dara Fitzpatrick, says that she’ll live on through her son

The sister of Irish coastguard Dara Fitzpatrick, who tragically died following a helicopter crash, says that her sister will live on through her adopted son Fionn.

Speaking on Today FM News, sister Niamh said that while her family are in mourning over the loss of Dara, it is clear that she will live on through her three year old son Fionn.

She added that,

“Fionn is a little ball of energy, running around the place and trying to get all of us to do what he wants us to do.”

“I think in a funny way if we were to not have Dara, if life was just going to take Dara away from us, maybe her adopting Fionn meant that she left him to us.”

She also said that the three year old doesn’t fully understand what has happened as he’s too young.

Speaking about the heartbreaking loss, she said;

“Yesterday we cried and people came around, and we minded Fionn, Dara’s little fella who mercifully is three, and has no clue.

“We gave him some food at one stage and he said ‘That’s mama’s bowl’. He’s able to talk about her and he doesn’t know.”

Dara Fitzpatrick, aged only 45, was pronounced dead on yesterday afternoon after being recovered from the water at Blacksod Bay, Co. Mayo.

The sister, Niamh, also said that her thoughts are with the families of the others missing in the crash.

“If we didn’t know where her body was and what had happened it would be just unthinkable.We cannot stop thinking of the other crew and their families.”

Our thoughts are with her family, and the families of those still missing from the crash.

Story via Dublin Live.

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