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Six Year Old Boy Shot Dead After Mother’s Car Was Stolen From Supermarket

This is heartbreaking…

A six-year-old boy was found dead in the back of his Mother’s car after it was stolen with him inside from outside a supermarket.

According to The Irish Independent, Kingston Frazier was found dead with a single gunshot wound at the back of his Mother’s abandoned stolen car.

The New York Post states that two men were caught on CCTV in the car park in Mississippi before stealing the car.

They allegedly jumped into the car and took off with the six-year-old boy and the car was then abandoned 15 miles away from where Kingston had disappeared.

According to the New York Post, at least three suspects have been arrested in connection to the tragic murder.

The six-year-old was described by friends and family as “outgoing” and was due to finish kindergarten this week.

“Just a great, great, 6-year-old who we just can’t imagine that something like this would happen, that people would have in their heart to do that to a 6-year-old,” Frazier’s uncle admitted.

“Even if I was mad at the world, I couldn’t do this to a 6-year-old. To me, it’s hatred. There is nothing out there worth taking a 6-year-old’s life…I can tell you this, we won’t rest until they’re brought to justice…You can believe that.”

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