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So, Apparently Pregnant Can Drink Alcohol

What now?

According to new research which was released today, it seems that pregnant women can actually drink alcoholic beverages without harming their babies.

The Irish Mirror reports that official guidelines were clarified last year advising women not to consume any alcohol at all, as soon as they know they are pregnant – but as it turns out, new research claims that this is untrue.

Professionals in the medical world have cemented the claim that it can stunt the baby’s growth, lead to learning difficulties and premature birth.

However, now academics and doctors from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is warning that women can be misled by ‘overstated evidence’.

Dr Ellie Lee even branded ‘overtly precautionary’ advice as ‘sexist’.

In the report, evidence that small amounts of alcohol can be harmless has been rejected.

Clare Purphy from BPAS said: “We need to think hard about how risk is communicated.

“There can be real consequences to overstating evidence, or implying certainty when there isn’t any.”

How mad!

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