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Stephanie Coffey: “I lost 7 stone. I’m happier, healthier and better able to cope with life.”

“On the outside my life was wonderful. That jolly fat girl that was always there didn’t have a care in the world. On the inside, I was screaming with a sense of self-disgust and guilt that I could let myself become so fat, that is until I had my Eureka moment”

The words of Stephanie Coffey who weighed 18 stone and 1lb before she joined Motivation. Fast forward 1 year and 4 months and Stephanie had shed a remarkable 7 stone and 1lb, a weight loss she is proudly maintaining.

For Stephanie, her Eureka moment came when she was sweeping the kitchen floor. The pain in her hips was so intense that she had to sit down – her body was telling her that it could no longer carry her. Stephanie’s sister had joined Motivation and she asked her to make a double appointment in Motivation’s Westport clinic.

As Stephanie herself says, “By asking my sister to book my first appointment, I wasn’t giving myself an excuse not to go. My single goal was just to lose weight but to by everlasting surprise and happiness, the Motivation programme delivered a lot more.

My weight loss started when I left home and fell into an unhealthy eating lifestyle. When I married Sean, the love of my life, I continued to live as I’d done and a few more pounds were gained. Our most handsome son Eoin was born and at the age of 3, was diagnosed with autism. Nothing prepares you for the pangs of guilt and sadness. Life moves on and two beautiful girls later, Emily and Ellena, I’d gained even more weight. Then my dad got sick and died at age 63 in 2010. I was out of control with comfort eating. I never realised that I was affected so much until I joined Motivation.

At Motivation, I learned how to deal with my emotions and especially the thoughts that were holding me back, not just with food but with other important aspects of my life. Most importantly, I learned to stop and think before I let my emotions and fork take over the situation.

One of the big surprises was the openness and frank nature of my sessions with my weight management adviser in the Westport clinic. The Motivation girls were great. I laughed, cried and talked to them like no one else. They gave me the strength and encouragement, and a good reality check when I needed it. One of the big plusses is that all sessions are held in private, on a one-to-one basis. That was important to me as opening up about being overweight is not that easy.

My life has changed completely as has my health and fitness. I never, ever did any exercise; now I’m in the gym. I completed my first 10k last year in under an hour. I now love shopping as everything fits. My energy levels are through the roof.

I’m happier, healthier and better able to cope with life. There was only one way I was heading and that was for full depression and getting heavier and heavier. Motivation saved my life.”

Motivation Weight Management operate a nationwide network of weight loss clinics. So, whether you want to lose a few pounds or a few stone, we’ll give you the key to staying slim and healthy FOR LIFE.

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