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Stephanie Davis breaks social media silence following Jeremy McConnell assault allegations

Stephanie Davis has broken her social media silence after Jeremy McConnell allegedly assaulted her.

Jeremy, 27, has been arrested on suspicion of attacking 24-year-old Steph, and for over £5,000 criminal damage to her home.

Now the actress appears to be attempting to get on with her life by decorating her baby’s bedroom in her new house.

Tonight she posted a picture of her newest furnishings to Instagram and wrote: “Cabens wardrobes and Cot up in his new room. Still lots to do but it finally feels like home.”

She added: “Thankyou to my dad for helping all today with Building Everything hope your backs not to sore. Just to finish it off now? [sic]”

This follows a painful week for the new mum in which the alleged incident took place on Thursday March 9th.

A source said: “Steph is really shaken after picking up the phone and calling police.”

The Irish reality star flew back to Merseyside to be quizzed by police on Thursday afternoon, according to The Sun. 



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