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Stephanie Davis Forced To Hit Back After Posting No Makeup Selfie Online

Stephanie Davis was forced to hit back after facing criticism for photos of herself not wearing any makeup posted on her Instagram account.

Steph has now slammed claims she was lying about not wearing any makeup after sharing two snaps of herself looking fresh-faced on Instagram.

The new Mam found herself receiving a string of negative comments after posing for a snap with a friend and captioning the snap: “Besties #nomakeupneeded #saysitall #laughs #girls #housefull.”

But some Instagram users weren’t convinced that Stephanie wasn’t wearing makeup, with several claiming she had “lied”.

“You clearly have makeup on! We all saw you first thing in the morning on Big Brother, nobody would comment if you hadn’t made it obvious. Why are you lying?,” one fan questioned.

”Such a liar omg so you were just born with big black drawn on eyebrows were you?” wrote another.

But the actress fired back at the negative remarks, replying: “Sorry u hating? I’m lucky with amazing skin so don’t hate or be jel. Nothing nice to say don’t say it. #iappreciatemyself.”

Fair play to her, but in fairness, it does look like she’s wearing a little bit of makeup.

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