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Stephanie Davis To Reveal All About Relationship With Jeremy McConnell ON This Morning

It seems Stephanie Davis will be getting her own back on Jeremy McConnell after he did a paternity text on This Morning following the birth of their son.

The mother-of-one will reportedly appear on the show this coming Monday to reveal all about their rollercoaster relationship. This will be Stephanie’s first interview since giving birth to baby Caben Albi.

Jeremy recently went to rehab to try and beat his addictions.

A source told Closer Magazine:

“Steph believes all the problems in their relationship were down to Jeremy’s drinking and drug-taking.

“She’s convinced that once he gets professional help, they’ll be able to be happy again.”

Stephanie recently shared a romantic picture of herself and Jeremy while declaring her love for the reality star so it seems their relationship it back on track, even though last month Jeremy was arrested and questioned by police following an alleged assault on Steph.

“No matter what people say, no matter what people feel.. we have been though the most major ups and downs. He’s been wrong, I’ve been wrong.. but I LOVE him. I met him un expectedly on cbb, but what you seen was TRUE LOVE!! When you go though that, with money and media, anyone in the industry would understand… ours was just played out in front of the nation. He is my soul mate and I love him, you never give up on the one you love do you…. Jezz got a little lost, but who hasn’t fucked up in life?? I know I have….Just so happens ours is played through the media. And no we haven’t been adults about it alot, and it’s been wild, but when your so in love with someone, passion gets the best of you! He’s my rock my soul mate and I love him with ALL my heart!! Do you think we would put eachother through this for fun??????No… its because we match. And u seen us fall in love. And forever I will always love him. I’m proud his him! It this change to get better, no matter what anyone says. I will stand by him always and love him unconditionally, he may seem a nightmare but her my nightmare. My best friend, my everything. Words couldn’t describe the love I have for him! I love u baby and so proud of you. U will make Caben proud and can’t wait for us to be a family again. I LOVE you!!!! Your baby, stephanie ??❤❤❤ @jeremymcconnellcooke when you love someone.. you never give up. X”

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