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STOP! Penneys Are Selling These DEADLY Disco Ball Drinking Glasses!



Penneys seems to be getting crazier by the day, but we’re not complaining.

We never seem to be able to say no to the little knick-knacks, even though it’s the little things that add up leading to a heart attack when you actually go to pay for the ‘few bits’ you’ve picked up.

But seriously, who could say no to these DEADLY disco ball drinking glasses….WHO!

Pic Via Nicola Ellie

There’s no need to drink from those manky old glasses in the back of your cupboards anymore gals.

Now you can have the most sassy, the most glam, and most in-you-face- drinking saucer ever.

These are only €2.50 as well, so we’ll definetly be stocking up on a few.

Penneys – you’re a legend.

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