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#Exclusive: Storm Keating Opens Up About Singing A Duet With Ronan

It has been a whirlwind few years for Australian producer Storm Keating. The 34-year-old beauty was catapulted into the spotlight after falling in love with Irish popstar Ronan Keating. Leaving her family, friends and a career down under, Storm followed her heart and moved to London to set up a home with her new husband, and the pair are blissfully happy. RSVP had the pleasure of catching up with the refreshingly positive lady in Dublin recently, where she discussed the pressure of fame, how Storm really is her name and how she features on Ronan’s new album

Storm Keating. Pic RSVP MAGAZINE

Storm Keating. Pic RSVP MAGAZINE

Can you sing?

“I used to sing a lot when I was growing up. I was one of those kids who had to do everything whether it was on a sporting field, in school or the stage. I sang at weddings, I used to sing national anthems at football games. I used to properly sing but that was in my past life, I don’t want to be a singer, I will leave that to Ro.

Would you do a duet with Ronan?

You know I am on the album? I am doing backing vocals, “In your Arms” and the third single they are releasing next is almost a duet, as there is a lot more backing vocals on that one.

Wow, would you guys do it live sometime or would he like you stealing his thunder?

I don’t know about doing it live, he is the one who made me do it, he wrote most of this album in our kitchen and because they were recording there, they needed someone to do backing vocals so Ro said “can you just do it baba” and I did. When the producer heard it he asked me to do the real record then.

Storm Keating. pic RSVP MAGAZINE

Storm Keating. pic RSVP MAGAZINE

What does he call you?


What do you call him?

Monkey bum. I call him baba baby or babakins and he calls me the same. It is a bit sickening really.

So after your duet! Would you ever go down the presenting route with Ronan, the two of you together?

Yes, maybe, I would never do a reality show but it depends on the format but presenting together could be nice.

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