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it Looks Like Storm Keating has Just Revealed Her Baby’s Gender on Instagram

Eeeeek! It looks like Storm Keating just revealed the gender of her baby.

Storm and husband Ronan Keating are expecting their first child together next month, and now  it seems that the former model has decided to share the gender of their bundle of joy with fans on Instagram.

In a new snap shared by the mum to be, she shows off a washing line full of BLUE babygros:

Pre-washing the little peanuts wardrobe ?❤ #BabyPrep #NotLongNow #GettingOurselvesOrganised #Cute #BabyClothing

A post shared by Storm Keating (@stormykeating) on

That’s right, it looks like the happy pair are expecting a little boy!

“Pre-washing the little peanuts wardrobe. #BabyPrep,” she captioned the adorable pic.

While this is the first baby for Storm, it will be Ronan’s fourth child.

He is already parents to son Jack, 18, and daughters Missy and Ali, 15 and 9.

We are thrilled for them!



Fed up of lazy journalists reporting from instagram

Only er their Gray and white NOT BLUE! Which if you actually did your research you’d know


So it’s his 4th child

If I’m counting right

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