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The story behind this well known photo of this man and a dog drinking has been revealed

It’s a photo recognised by many, but very few know the real story behind the photo until now.

Over at the Dailyedge, they put in some hard work to find out who exactly was this dog? And how did this photo come to be?

This photo of a dog wearing a coat and a hat chatting to a man over a pint of Guinness has become a very famous meme.

From the likes of this…

To this…

You’ve probably seen this duo around before.

Well according to The DailyEdge the photo was taken in Killeens Bar in Shannonbridge, Co Offaly back in 2013. The photo was then shared on their Facebook page where it has since gone viral, and become a meme.

The Bar manager Lousie Killeen spoke to The DailyEdge, saying;

“The man in the photo is Ollie, he’s a regular customer here and Oscar is my dog and he comes into the bar every day with me to work.”

The dog Oscar is a regular, along with Ollie the man. Since taking the picture together, Louise Killeen says many customers ask them for photos and even to recreate the picture.

“People who come in regularly request Ollie to get a whiskey and Oscar to hop up there beside him for a photo. Sometimes they even recreate the pose from the photo itself,” she said.

Adding, “we have postcards of the photo in the bar and people even request that they be signed by Ollie.”

Nowadays, the pub often posts pictures of not just Ollie and Oscar, but also Oscar’s pups. And according to manage Louise Oscar loves getting his photo taken.

And the sweetest part about the whole story? Is the bond that Ollie and Oscar have.

“The minute Ollie walks through the door, Oscar is straight over to him. Ollie would be a very quiet man but he can’t hide his affection for Oscar. The two of them have such a strong bond.”

We absolutely LOVE this.

Story via the DailyEdge.

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