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My Style With Izzy Showbizzy

Red FM’s Izzy Showbizzy is the voice of all thing celebrity, entertainment and gossip for the rebel county. She is renowned for her up-to-date reporting, fun and outgoing personality and expert on-air charm. This month, RSVP caught up with the gossip guru/music lover to hear about her obsession with TopShop, her love of takeaways and why the name “Majella” gives her shivers down her spine!

Picture: Miki Barlok

What was your best subject in school?
My best subjects were definitely English and History; I was always a fan of learning about the past and I was very good at writing too. I took the honours paper in both of those for my Leaving Cert as well, but I was not so good at Maths.

What was the best concert you were ever at?
That is a tough one! I really enjoyed going to Electric Picnic last year, but it was my first time going there and I did not survive the camping aspect of it at all. The Bacardi Area and all the acts were amazing, our own Stevie G from Red FM was playing and he was fantastic. I also got to go to the Ed Sheeran press conference ahead of his sold-out concerts in Croke Park last summer. I chatted to him beforehand and we had great seats for the show – it was spectacular!

If you had unlimited funds, what part of the world would you like to visit?
I would bring all of my friends on the best holiday of all time, we would go to Las Vegas or a private island resort where the water is crystal clear and you can just chill out. I would pay for a class act to put on a concert for us and hire some DJs – a mixture of chilling out and a bit of adventure.

What is your earliest memory?
Is it weird that I remember falling out of my cot and breaking my arm when I was three of four years of age? I was climbing out of my cot and I thought I was some sort of gymnast, I tried to swing onto the chest of drawers in my bedroom, but I didn’t make it across.

If you could choose any three stores for a wardrobe makeover, where would you pick?
My first choice would be TopShop, I am absolutely obsessed with it! Next up is Brown Thomas because my wardrobe is a mixture of high street stores with a fewstaple designer pieces and, finally, for an online store, Missguided would be a definite choice.

What is your laziest habit?
I like my sleep so getting out of the bed in the morning is always a tough one, but other than that, I am a “get up and go” type of gal.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
I would go all out and eat all of the carbs in the world! I would start with a chipper, so maybe a cheese and onion pie. For a main course I would go with the creamiest and cheesiest pasta I could find with some really nice garlic bread. I would finish it off with a chocolate brownie for dessert. So delicious!

Is there any song that you despise playing on the radio?
I don’t want to pi** anybody off so I am going to be really diplomatic here and say none.

What is one part of your job as a radio presenter that we don’t know about?
Maybe how much fun we have behind the scenes or else the work that goes into making each show happen. There is always a laugh around the station and people are constantly making videos of me because I am the easiest person to scare in the office. I am either on the Red FM Snapchat account or my colleagues’ accounts as someone tries to scare the bejaysus out of me.

If you could bring one item of clothing back from your teenage years, what would it be?
I don’t think that I want to bring anything back from my teenage years to be honest, everything can just stay there.

What is your guiltiest pleasure in life?
Having takeaways because I just love food. In terms of movies, I am a total action girl and I adore anything with Denzel Washington, but I would also watch a romantic comedy every now and again.

Is there any moment that happened you on air that you would like to forget forever?
Loads of things have happened me – but years ago when I started off with the station, I was trying to read out text messages on air and I completely went blank and forgot how to say the name “Majella”. I was reading them out and I said, “Thanks to Ma-Ma-Ma-Majella for texting in”. It was the most embarrassing thing to happen me on air, I was so nervous and I hadn’t much experience either. It is still a running joke here and if that name comes up, I still get shivers down my spine.

Who is your favourite actress?
That is a tough one because I have loads! I love Jennifer Lawrence because she is so cool and she is after coming on leaps and bounds recently.

Would you rather be in a snow suit in the desert or naked in the Antarctic?
I would get frost bite pretty quickly, but I could also pass out from the heat. I always say that I prefer to be too hot than too cold, so I will go with the snowsuit.

What is the one item in your wardrobe that you would never throw away?
I have a burnt orange Michael Kors handbag and it goes with every outfit that I have. I use it every day and everything that I need fits into it.

What is your biggest regret?
I do not have any regrets because you should not live your life that way, if you make a decision then you should stick by it and then move on.

What is the most romantic thing that has ever been done for you?
I have been whisked away for weekends in hotels and I have been surprised with lovely jewellery.

Interview by Mikie O’Loughlin

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