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MY STYLE: With Montinique Judge

As the owner of Dublin store Angel’s Boutique, it is fair to say Montinique Judge lives and breathes fashion. In fact, her love affair with style started at a very young age and she’s been creating new looks since. After getting engaged in March to fiancé David Brannigan, things have been super busy for the former model turned business woman.

This month, she tells RSVP all about her Dubai engagement, her ultimate designer steal and her top tips for boutique shopping.

Growing up, who inspired your style?
I was always crazy about fashion from a young age and I would have bought all the celebrity fashion magazines. I never really wanted to copy other people’s style and instead I would try to create my own look. I was a big fan of the Victoria Secret models especially Gisele Bündchen. I admire her business mind probably more than what she wears, but she is definitely an inspiration to all women.

What is the biggest bargain you have ever got?
I once picked up a real Mulberry handbag in a small charity shop for a bargain price. I don’t think the lady knew much about designer bags and I did feel a little bit guilty, but the bag has received plenty of use with lots of love and attention over the years.

What five items are always in your handbag?
My phone, sun cream SPF 50, mascara, my credit card and sunglasses. They are all essential.

What is your ideal summer outfit?
When the weather is nice I like to keep things simple, so I would have to say a pair of denim cut-offs with a loose vest top and a cute pair of flats.

What does every lady need to complete an outfit?
You must wear your most amazing smile. It may so corny but it is so true.

Which celebrity would you love to give a makeover to?
Katie Price, she is another good business woman, but I personally feel she just gets it so wrong sometimes with her style and make-up. I feel if she stripped it all back she would look incredible. She was such a beautiful young woman before she began messing around with surgery. I would love to get her into the store for a complete makeover.

Where is the most stylish destination you have visited?
It would have to be Monaco – David and I visited the French Riviera and we were really taken back by the style and glamour. I always said I would love to visit the area during the Cannes Film Festival so it could be an excuse to go back. Although it can feel quite pretentious and you can tell people are really trying to make a statement of their wealth, it is well worth a visit if only once. I don’t think I would like to live there though as it would be too much effort to be so glamorous all of the time.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
I love to get compliments on my clothes when I am wearing my own label, Angels Boutique. It always makes me feel amazing for another girl to come up to me and ask about my outfit – it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Would you have a sweet tooth or do you stick to a strict diet?
I definitely have a sweet tooth, but when I need to get in shape I cut it all out and get really strict on myself. I am the co-owner of a fitness company called Fitness Bootcamp so exercise is a big part of my life too.

What does your exercise routine consist of?
I love an early morning run and I always try to fit in a strength session during the day followed by a walk with my dogs in the evening time. I also teach bootcamp classes in the evenings.

Who was your biggest celebrity crush growing up?
I was a huge Wentworth Miller fan.

When are you most happy in life?
Family and friends are very important to me, I tend to keep my circle small and when I know they are all happy and healthy, that is when I am at my happiest. I also love to travel and see new places. If I could combine all that, then that is my idea of happiness.

What advice do you give to not-so-confident or worried shoppers who visit Angel’s Boutique?
A lot of people are nervous to come into a boutique as it is a much more of a personal service. I want people to come in and feel comfortable so our service is very relaxed and we never rush a customer. I would always say, give yourself time to come in and try on several outfits rather than feeling under pressure and buying the first thing you try on. Shopping with a clear mind will help you find the perfect outfit. We post a lot of images on social media so generally when people come in they know what they want.

Interview by Mikie O’Loughlin

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