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My Style With Shauna Lindsay

Her dream is to one day walk the runway with the Victoria’s Secret Angels – but, for now, Irish model Shauna Lindsay is busy carving out a name for herself at home. After signing to a top model agency last year, the Clare native has become one of the most sought-after faces in the industry here, with regular TV appearances on both Xposé and Ireland AM.

Her relationship with a well-known Irish rugby player Conor Murray also threw her into the spotlight, cementing her celebrity status further.

RSVP talks to the 21-year-old beauty about all things fashion, her most embarrassing moment to date, and why she’s no diva!

What are your style essentials this summer?
It all depends on the how the Irish weather is going to treat us, floral print is always a good choice for the summer and I am overly obsessed with the colour white at the moment.

What are the best beauty tips you ever received as a model?
Look after your skin, but it really helps that my best friend owns a beauty salon because I am completely useless in that department. You should always wear SPF even though we live in Ireland.

Tell us about the most embarrassing thing to happen you on a night out…
I have so many, apparently I am a “fan” of ripping my skirts and it has happened me twice over the past two months. So, if I am on a night out and everything is going well with my gorgeous pencil skirt, then disaster always strikes. One night I was in Copper Face Jacks in Dublin in a fab PVC skirt, I stood up and walked down the stairs, after leaving the club I went past the huge queue of people waiting to enter and I could feel a breeze behind me – I put my hand on my booty and there it was, a big rip at the back of the skirt.

What does your morning skincare regime consist of?
I wash and moisturise my face when I wake up, that’s all that I do. I have been using Osmosis skincare for more than a year now, it is amazing and does everything that my skin needs. My friend is fantastic; she analyses my skin every couple of months and will recognise if I am dehydrated and if my products need to be boosted.

What are your holiday plans this year?
I was in San Francisco last month to visit my sister, I went down to LA to catch up with some friends I have over there and we took a trip to Vegas. My best friend, Kathryn, came with me and she had never left Ireland before, so it was a whole new world for her.

If you won the Lotto in the morning, what are the first three things that you would buy?
I would buy my mom a house; to be honest, all I would want to do is look after her. If I won the Lotto, I wouldn’t be buying things for myself, I would be sorting out the people closest to me in life.

If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
We will say my nose.

What is your favourite high street store?
It is a toss between River Island and TopShop, I couldn’t decide between the two of them. They both have a really cool retro vibe going on at the moment and I am loving that.

Growing up, what boyband were you obsessed with?
Busted – they were my babies! Charlie Simpson and his “slug-like” eyebrows were divine; I was so in love with him.

Who is your ultimate girl crush?
In recent years it would have to be Gigi Hadid or Adriana Lima. I always looked up to the original Victoria Secret models. People have also told me that I look like Adriana, so I am holding onto that compliment.

What is one thing that we would be surprised to learn about you?
When people meet me they are a little thrown back because I am actually very down to earth and carefree. Sometimes people are under an illusion that you are a bit of a diva just because you are a model, but once you get to know me, you will realise that I am a little bit mad.

Which celeb influences your style the most?
Kylie Jenner and Rihanna are the biggest inspirations to me. I am a bit of a tomboy myself and I like that they incorporate that type of style into their everyday looks. The bobble hats and baggy pants show that you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time and you don’t have to be wearing corsets every day.

What was the last make-up product that you purchased?
I got a Becca highlighter and let me tell you, you would see it from space because it is absolutely amazing!

Would you rather not be able to speak or always have to say what is on your mind?
I always say what is on my mind anyway, so that wouldn’t bother me, I am like an open book.

What is that one look from your teenage years that always makes you cringe?
I wore a white tank top with a ridiculous skirt to a school disco, but everyone was wearing them so it wasn’t that bad.

Interview by Mikie O’Loughlin

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