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‘Superfoods are marketing gimmicks.’

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We were all delighted when we heard the the humble ‘blood sausage’ that is black pudding was being hailed as a superfood thanks to its natural nutritional benefits but it seems the whole superfood buzz is all just hype.

Yes, according to today’s Irish Daily Mail, many so-called superfoods like kale, chia seeds and quinoa are just more expensive forms of veg and while many of these food claim to have amazing health-giving properties, there is very little evidence to back it up.

Nutrition scientist Duane Mellor said: ‘Superfoods are marketing gimmicks.’

Some examples given in the paper are as follows


The claim: Cuts risk of cancer, particularly in the gut and lungs

The verdict: Brussels sprouts are better

Kale V Broccoli

Kale V Brussel sprouts

Wheatgrass juice shots

The claim: Floods the tissues with life-giving oxygen

The verdict: Whole shot of nonsense


The claim: Cut the risk of heart disease

The verdict: No better than many other berries

Blueberries via Shutterstock

Blueberries via Shutterstock

Coconut water

The claim: Nature’s sports drink, it rapidly rehydrates

The verdict: No better than water

Goji berries

The claim: Boost immunity, pep up libido and protect against heart disease and cancer

The verdict: Just a berry

One food did make the cut, the beetroot.  “The nitrates in beetroot are said to lower blood pressure and rev up the metabolism and studies seem to back up the claims.

However, beetroot consumption comes with a health warning – in high quantities it may fuel gastric cancer.”

So it seems we can put our money back in our wallet and head to our local fruit and veg shop.

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