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Swarm of 30,000 Bees Attack Two Horses And Their Owner In North Texas

A swarm of bees who recently wreaked havoc on a couple and their two horses in a North Texas town are being tested to establish whether or not they are a hybrid of African and Western honeybees, known as killer bees.

Sky News online reported that as 44-year-old Kristen Beauregard and her boyfriend exercised their Shetland pony called Trump, they were suddenly attacked by a swarm of about 30,000 bees, who flew at them and stung them all over as they tried to escape. Speaking about the incident, which she described to be like something from a “bad movie”, Kristen revealed that despite jumping into a pool of water with her pony in an attempt to escape her insect attackers, they continued to sting and surround them.
“We were trying to stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us and start stinging us,” she said. “We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us in the face and in the nose.”

Although Kristen finally managed to get her bearings long enough to escape into her house, her pony Trump and another of her horses Chip, who had also become involved in the scary ordeal, were not so lucky. The horses, whose injuries were treated by paramedics and a vet, both died after the incident. Kristen herself endured an estimated 200 stings while her boyfriend was stung about fifty times.

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