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Here’s some signs of heatstroke in dogs that will help you save your pooch

Here’s some of the signs of heatstroke in dogs that will help you save your pooch. Antiques Roadshow star Katherine Higgins was left totally devastated after her two dogs passed away during the heatwave. The antiques expert, 50, is believed to have taken the labradors – called Monty and Daisy – for a walk with her […]

PAWS FOR THOUGHT: With Thalia Heffernan

Dublin model and Dancing with the Stars contestant Thalia Heffernan and her leggy lurcher Len are like two peas in a pod. Together, they are very affectionate, incredibly lazy and ridiculously clumsy. Here, she tells us about their cosy chats and cuddles, the long beach walks and why Len reminds her of David Bowie! Hi […]

This dog wears sweaters to help with his anxiety

This dog wears sweaters to help with his anxiety. According to his owners, having something around his body helps to make him relaxed. His parents found him wandering the streets in a very poor condition, so they did an amazing thing. They took him in and helped him to recover. But he had many health […]

PAWS FOR THOUGHT-Mairéad Ronan introduces us to Murphy

A family pet can really make a house a home and nobody knows this better than Irish broadcaster turned entrepreneur, Mairéad Ronan, whose fluffy pooch has transformed her household. She chats to RSVP’s Mikie O’Loughlin about her Lhasa Apso pup, Murphy, who thinks he is a brother to her seven-month-old daughter, Eliza – and why […]

Dog obesity is on the rise. Is your dog obese?

Worrying new research has revealed that as many as up to four million dogs in the UK are overweight. The study reveals that one in four dog-owners have had to put their dog on a diet, with a third guilty of overfeeding their dog, according to the Mirror. The research was undertaken by dog diet website, So what […]

Your dog could be key to helping you get in shape for summer

Your dog could be to answer to helping you get in shape this Summer. On top of their unconditional love, and just all round cuteness, your dog could help you to get moving and get that Summer body you’ve been aiming for. These are a few of the ways in which having a dog could benefit you […]

Does your dog get travel sick? These tips could help

Travelling in a vehicle can be scary and unusual for you dog, animals evolved to walk everywhere on foot and so getting your dog into a car can be a struggle. If your dog gets travel sick, there could be a few reasons. According to DogsTrust these are the main reasons your dog could be […]

Facts about neutering your dog, and why it’s important

There’s a lot to think about when getting a new dog, like vaccinations, micro-chipping, and neutering. Over at DogsTrust they have a very helpful guide to neutering, and why it’s important. While many people wonder if neutering is ‘natural’, Dogstrust explain that keeping a dog in a domestic set-up is not ‘natural’, but having a […]


Don’t like to buy expensive dog treats, that can often be pumped full of chemicals? Here we give you 5 simple recipes to make your own, inexpensive and super healthy treats for your pooch. Your dog will love them, and love you even more for them. All the ingredienst are fresh, sourced by you so […]

Why does my dog chase it tail and is it normal?

There are a few reasons why your dog might chase its tail, and while some are normal, some are not. According to Dr. Ciribassi, dogs will chase their tail if it’s injured or if they’re grooming. However, if your dog is chasing its tail otherwise, it may be abnormal. “It can occur as an attention-seeking […]

7 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog

You might think you know your beloved pooch inside and out… But you probably never would have guessed these 7 amazing facts! The Smell Centre Of A Dog’s Brain Is 40 Times Larger Than Yours  Dogs can smell thousands of times better than humans. Their noses have millions more scent receptors—for example, a human nose […]

Win: A Years Supply Of Pettura Products For The Madra In Your Life

RSVP Magazine would love to give one lucky reader a chance to win a one year supply of the Pettura range. The range includes five products including, Oral Health, Multivitamin, Skin & Coat, Calming and Healthy Joints. We would also like to give away two invites to the product launch of the range to the […]


Love dogs? Love blogs? Then you really should check out these 5 blogs we have gone and found, just for you! These blogs cover everything from nutritional information for your pooch, to tips on how to keep them fit and happy, and everything inbetween.   1. Puppy Leaks Puppy Leaks is a blog where dog […]

SHOCKING STATISTICS: Over 17,000 animal cruelty cases reported in just ONE year

Shocking numbers have been released showing that over 17,000 animal cruety cases were reported in just one year alone. Within that number, 38 prosecutions are currently being pursued by the Department of Agriculture. Last year, over 1,100 reports of animal cruelty cases were recieved by the Department of Agriculture, which runs a dedicated helpline. A […]

Is your dog Obese?

Chubby dogs can seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems for your poor dog. Many dogs become over weight due to over feeding or an unbalanced diet. Obesity can make dogs less willing to be active and playful, which not only increases the chances of them becoming more overweight but also deprives them of […]

This girl tried to bring her dog into an Irish nightclub on New Years Eve

There’s loving your dog, and then there’s loving your dog so much you want to head out on the town together, and apparently this girl tried exactly that. This girl was pictured on Facebook seemingly trying to convince security at a nightclub to let her dog in to the club with her. The girl seems to […]