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These are Christmas essentials for every Irish family

Every family has their own traditions, the different foods they like specifically around Christmas. The typical Christmas dinner put aside, we’ve put together a list of the typical Christmas essentials for Christmas. 1). A large box of Tayto Every loves an ‘ol crisp sandwich in Ireland, and what better to make them with than with […]

Lily Allen Laughs Off Public Collapse At Festival

Remember singer and designer Lily Allen? She doesn’t look like this these days. After allegedly collapsing in public after a drinking and smoking binge, Lily took to Twitter after being approached by The Sun for comment, laughing off the incident. She told her 5.86million followers: “Truth is I’m just a lightweight, I had 2 cans […]


Do you know on average how much you will drink over the festive period?

So the festive season is here and we are getting ready to party and toast everything and anything with a glass of champagne or a bottle of wine, but do you know on average how much you will drink over the festive period? According to a survey, commissioned by Cancer Research UK, young adults will […]

12 Things You Only Do When Drunk

Making friends with strangers and then deciding they are your soulmate for life, even though you only met them in the smoking area or in the bar queue. Intense conversation. You may never see this person again or even remember them the next day.   Buying endless rounds, as if money has no meaning and […]