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Losing 5 stone in 15 weeks changed my life, forever!

Hi! I’m Monika Owczarek and I would like to tell my story. Well, I’m a single mum and I work and live in Cork. Like all single mums, I lead a busy lifestyle, juggling the demands of my work with those of my son and home. Today, I’m a very happy and healthy person but […]

Lucy Kenneally: From 22 Stone to a 10K Runner After Losing 10 stone 11LBS

Lucy Kenneally’s story is nothing short of remarkable. She weighed 22 stone and with the help of Motivation, she dropped 10 stone 11lbs to completely turn her life around and become the person she always wanted to be. Lucy before. “I had always struggled with weight growing up. Like most young people, all I wanted […]

Molly Agnew: “I lost Six Stone In Nine Months”

Twenty-four-year-old Molly Agnew from Blackrock, Co. Dublin had always vowed each year to lose weight. So, she decided to make changes in her life, when looking in the mirror she thought this is not me! Previously, whenever Molly decided to diet she’d lose some weight and then put it all back on. According to Molly, […]

How To Stay Motivated This January

Having made the first leap and decided on a course of action for the New Year, now comes the hard part. How do you actually stick to it? It can be hard to keep your motivation going so below are some of our top tips to help you stick to your fitness goals this year. […]