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Woman’s Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Turns Up On A Carrot After 13 Years

To say that this story gave us a good laugh is an understatement! 84-year-old Mary Grams lost her engagement ring over 13 years ago, and she had given up any hope that she would find it. However, as luck would have it, Mary was finally reunited with her beloved ring when it was found growing […]

A Giant Rat Has Been Spotted In Cork And It’s Given Us Serious Shivers

Rats are probably the most unloved animal on the planet, and there’s an obvious reason for that – their appearance. You’d often hear stories about ungodly HUGE rats the size of a well fed domestic cat who sits on his arse all day and does nothing, but most of the time, those stories seem so […]

British Supermarkets Have Gotten Rid Of Their Egg Products After Contamination Scare

This is quite scary… Four UK supermarkets have taken products off their shelves in the wake of the egg contamination scare. And according to the Food Standards Agency, the size of the matter is worse than previously thought. According to The Examiner, around 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms implicated in the Fipronil contamination scare have […]

Girl shares warning after horror reaction from squeezing a spot on her face

Facebook A girl has shared a warning to others after squeezing a spot on her face, left her with a deadly skin condition. Katie Wright shared her story online after she squeezed what she thought was just a spot. However the spot turned out to be a serious infection and as a result Katie’s entire […]

Five Hangover Cures that ACTUALLY work

We’ve all been there, especially after a long weekend, but between waking up with the fear and feeling like you’ve been run over by a bus a hangover is no fun at all. But before you reach for your usual salty or greasy options, you might want to try these latest research approved hangovers cures! […]

Woman Suffers Awful Allergic Reaction After Hair Dye

This is so scary! An English Mother has revealed incredibly painful looking sores on her face and body which left pus oozing out of her face after she dyed her hair black with a DIY dye kit. According to The Sun, the 42-year-old’s face swelled completely which meant that she was unable to open her eyes […]

This Is Why You Should NEVER Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

WHO KNEW??… We all love our little four-legged friends, and sometimes, all we want is a kiss and a cuddle from them after a long, hard day. But new research has discovered something VERY scary related to when your pooch gives you a kiss, and it’s wise that you listen up and take note of […]

Woman Suffers Awful Allergic Reaction To A Phone Case

This is terrifying… A woman was left in an awful state after a severe reaction to her iPhone case left her covered in a bright red rash. According to The Mirror the terrified woman noticed her face swelling up after buying an iphone case. She developed a horrific rash which spread all over her face and neck […]

Things Women Should NEVER Do While On Their Period

When you’re on your period, there are a number of activities you definitely don’t feel like doing because of how your how your body feels. There are also a number of things you should never do on your period, not just because they don’t feel great, but because they could also harm your health or make […]

Mother Breastfeeds Her Son While Having Sex With Her Husband

This is MAD! Mother-of-three Tasha Maile uploaded a video to her YouTube channel back in 2015 explaining that she had started having sex with her husband… Whilst breastfeeding. The famed YouTuber explained in the video that her son would scream if she put him down, and so she and her husband found a work-around and […]

Five Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

Believe it or not, there are lots of things that we’re not supposed to do before and after sex, and avoiding them could make a big difference on what’s about to go down.  So take note ladies: Taking an Antihistamine Antihistamines work by drying out your mucus membranes to relieve nasal congestion… and in doing […]

This Wedding Photo Has Gone Viral For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

At their wedding reception, a bridal couple lovingly gave close family friends an irreplaceable memory, and tissues were in short supply. They surprised Pete Otto, who was dying of cancer, by inviting him to share a dance with his daughters, Jessica and Megan, knowing he might not be there to have a father-daughter dance with his beloved […]

Irish couple killed in crash near London

An Irish couple have been killed in a car crash near London. The couple who have been named locally as Patrick and Nancy Ward who were originally from the Castlebar area of Co Mayo had six children. According to the Irish Mirror the couple were travelling home from a wedding, when their car collided with […]

This Galway Nightclub Is Doing The Sweetest Thing Ever For Girls In Heels

This is beyond sound lads. Ladies you’ll understand this more than life itself. You’ve planned your outfit for DAYS, you’ve all the trimmings ready and you’ve a brand new pair of shoes. But fast-forward 4 hours later and you’re leaning up against the bar to ease the pure evil agony of the new stilettos that […]

Woman left horrified by the worst haircut we’ve ever seen

A young woman was left horrified after her hair was subjected to what may be the worst hair cut we’ve ever seen. The 21 year old British woman took to Facebook after she visited a popular barber in Sydney who also does women’s hair after receiving countless recommendations. However, after visiting the popular spot, she […]

Girl Nearly Blinded After Horrific Reaction To Eyebrow Tint

This is so frightening! A young girl was almost blinded after tinting her eyebrows with an at home dye kit. (Pic Via Facebook ) According to The Mirror, the young lady from Britain was left with severe chemical burns and massive swelling around her eyes after she attempted to dye her own brows at home. The […]

This Is What That Tiny Hole On The Back Of Your Iphone Is For

Our minds are BLOWN! The iPhone is such an impressive piece of technology that we’re not going to even try and pretend we know and use all it’s functions on a daily basis. However, a brand new revelation has come about and we can’t believe we never realised it before. Ever wondered what that tiny […]