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Reddit users show results of swapping to Micellar Water

Reddit users have been sharing incredible skin transformations after introducing micellar water to their routines. One user who was having skin problems, decided to ditch her traditional cleanser for micellar water after following the advice of fellow users. And according to the user who goes by the name, mollsballsss, doing so resulted in her skin […]

Daughter Shares Photo Of Her Mother’s Very Rude New Cushions

The poor mother! A Reddit user has shared pictures of her mother’s new blue and white floral cushions and they are hilarious. Sharing the pictures she said “My mother bought these throw pillows.” If you look closely you will see what all the fuss is about and clearly, her mother missed the crude design or […]

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are engaged

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are engaged and they shared their big news in such a special way. The world famous tennis star and the creator of Reddit- yes, he is a tech genius- announced the news on his growing social media website. Taking to her official Reddit account, she wrote: “I came home a […]

People reveal the ‘sluttiest’ thing they have ever done

Well there was no holding back when Redditor user water_chestnut asked: ‘What’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done?’ People were only too happy to kiss and tell, with thousands of people leaving comments and answering questions about their slutty behaviour. Check out just some of the comments below   “Got kicked out of my 8th […]

Man Who Gave Up Crystal Meth A Year Ago Shares Before And After Pics

What a transformation and an achievement. Reddit user ‘Minnesotapolis’ share a before and after picture on his account showing the difference a year has made in his life, “quit that almost one year ago” he wrote. “It’s crazy how much can change”, he added. “One of the greatest things about being clean is that I got […]

‘Umbrella dad’ goes viral

This photo, simply captioned ‘Dads’ was posted to Reddit over the weekend and has been viewed over 3.6 million times since it was first shared. The picture shows a father holding a umbrella over his young son while allowing himself to get completely soaked by the heavy rain. Aww. The photo was first uploaded to Reddit by 25-year-old Eumine […]

Woman creates amazing dress with all of her Dunnes Bags For Life

How many of those Dunnes Bags For Life do you have just lying around the house? Too many, we know the feeling. Well one Reddit user captainneilmars put her Dunnes bags to very good use and created something AMAZING. It’s a Dress For Life and it’s so stylish, we love the 60s look! Speaking to The Daily […]

Mother decides to get amazing haircut before going through chemo

A couple of days ago, Reddit user Sarah Kelleher (borrowed_a_feeling) posted a photo of her mother sporting a pink mohawk. Sarah states that her mother, Janet, was about to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer and looked for help with dying her hair before her hair fell out. We love her choice! Posting the before and after pictures on Reddit, she wrote: “My mom […]

Employee Writes Super Sarcastic Resignation Letter To Boss

You sometimes dream of writing a note to your boss or ex boss telling them exactly how you feel but so few of us ever do it! Reddit user gahdzuks was an exception to the rule and thought it would be a great idea to write a super sarcastic note to their boss. The writer […]

Vet who put dog to sleep sends the most adorable gift to the family

A compassionate vet who put a beloved pooch to sleep surprised the family by sending them the loveliest gift to remember their four legged friend. The owner of the dog posted the image to Reddit, and animal lovers from all over the world have been singing the praises if the loving and kind vet. The […]

Four Year’s Olds Love Letter Is The Cutest Thing

A four year old’s love letter has melted our hearts today! Written by four year old Bennet to his classmate Baily, his direct romantic approach is pretty adorable. The letter went viral after being posted to Reddit last week by Bennet’s mother Jennifer, who explained that while she typed the letter, it was dictated word […]

Fancy the trip of a lifetime around the world?

If you fancy a free trip around the world, today could be your lucky day as one person is going to get the trip of a lifetime for free. But there’s just one catch! You have to be a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher. Jordan Axani is looking for an Elizabeth to travel with, after he […]

Couple Caught ‘Having Sex’ By Google Street View

We think this maybe a set up! So, apparently, a ‘randy’ couple have been caught having ‘sex’ by Google street view. The pair were filmed on Dukes Highway near Keith in South Australia as the Street View car passed by. He appears to be drinking a beer and she appears to be waving at the […]

Is this the Saddest Cat Ever? Adorable Kitten Takes Internet By Storm

This newborn kitten has taken the internet by storm with his adorable expressions. In the picture posted on Reddit, its owner describes how they have named the little guy Purrmanently Sad Cat. And with a sad impression that could we doubt he owner’s will ever be able to refuse him anything! Shrek’s Puss in Boots […]

Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals ‘Weird’ Fan Encounter With Ted Danson

He has legions of admirers and was recently voted the World’s Sexiest Actor by Empire readers, but you may be surprised to find out that it was a celebrity who gave Benedict Cumberbatch his most unusual fan encounter yet! The Sherlock actor was answering an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit as part of a promotional campaign for […]

Cher Says Sonny’s Ghost Haunts Her House

What is it about social media websites that gets the celebs excited at the prospect of oversharing? Cher today became the latest star to bring her weird and wonderful humour to the realm of Reddit, giving an open invitation the users to “ask me anything”. And, predictably, it led to some unusual conversations from the pop icon – […]