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Temperatures In Ireland Set To Be Higher than Canary Islands Today

It has been a hot morning so far and if Met Eireann are correct, Ireland is going to be hotter than parts of the Canary Islands today.

Temperatures are set to peak at 25C in parts of Ireland AND tomorrow is set to be even warmer.

According to Met Eireann,

“Fog patches will clear to give a dry, sunny day today. It’ll become warm with afternoon temperatures of 20C to 25C.

“There’ll be little or no wind inland but moderate coastal sea breezes in the afternoon.

“It’ll be dry tonight with clear skies and lowest temperatures of 10C to 14C.

“Tuesday will be generally dry, warm and sunny with top afternoon temperatures of 20C to 27C.

“The sunshine will turn hazy in the east and south and there is a slight risk of some thundery showers breaking out here later.”

Lads, this was the week to take your summer holidays.

There will be a turn on Wednesday but this should pass by Thursday evening although temperatures will be cooler.

We will take two days of it.

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