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The Beauty Of Business: Sabrina Ni Concubhair from 3D Aesthetics Ireland

They’re the beauty-obsessed women who are leading the way in the Irish cosmetic industry today. They dreamed big, worked hard and now they are reaping the rewards as their beauty brands continue to thrive. From hair extensions guru and make-up expert to anti-aging advocate and teeth whitening duo, find out how these inspiring women got their start as entrepreneurs, next up we have Sabrina Ni Concubhair from 3D Aesthetics Ireland.

Sabrina Ni Concubhair, Managing Director of 3D Aesthetics Ireland, took a giant leap of faith six years ago to create her own success story.

“If you dream big and work hard there is no limit to what is possible”, Sabrina explains.

She started small, with her beauty salon confined to a room at the back of a hairdressers, and a mobile nail station, but dreamed big taking the decision to work six days a week, opting not to take a wage and instead pour ever penny back into her business. “Many said I was mad, and at times I agreed, but after 18 months I was able to move to my own unit, with two treatment rooms, a nail station and a tanning room”.

However, Sabrina wasn’t finished yet and decided to heavily invest in state of the art machinery, moving into 3D Lipo, and 3D SkinTech treatments. Her venture was so successful she became the official distributor of the 3D brand, including the 3D Ultimate unit, the most advanced Aesthetic machine on the market delivering the most Advanced Aesthetic treatments available. “That call came out of the blue”, she recalls. “But needless to say the answer was yes, and Aphrodite Laser & Beauty Clinic incorporating a purpose built Aesthetic Clinic, 3D Aesthetics Ireland was born, taking us from a from a unit just under 400 sq foot to a 1600 sq foot!”.

3D treatments are extremely popular thanks to their fantastic results, with celebrity fans including Collen Rooney and Katie Price, but Sabrina adds that the treatments are accessible to everyone, thanks to their affordable price points.

And Sabrina believes in the 3D treatments and results without question. “As the old saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’ we don’t sell anything in 3D Aesthetics that we don’t use in Aphrodite Laser & Beauty clinic.” This extends to trying the treatments herself, with Una availing from everything from Cryo ‘fat freezing’ to treatments designed to banish cellulite.

Their hero treatment, 3D Ultimate is a game changer, targeting both face and body, unique among aesthetic treatments.  Delivering a non-surgical face lift, as well as treating stubborn areas of fat including, like buttocks, thighs, arms, muffin tops or back fat etc.

Fat removal with 3D treatments are non surgical with, fat being processed naturally and removed through the lymphatic system and according to Sabrina, non-surgical treatments are the future.

“Non-surgical options provide the same results without the risk or downtime of surgery”, she explains. “The market for surgical body treatments has dropped by 30% over the last two years primarily due to the increased awareness of effective non-surgical alternatives!”

This is echoed by latest research by ASAPS, which showed that demand for non-Surgical procedures rose by 43% last year. And while as a nation, obesity is on the rise, Sabrina reveals that treatments like 3D Lipo aren’t just a quick fix, adding, “with all surgical and non-surgical solutions we recommend a healthy lifestyle. A healthy balanced lifestyle mixed with treatments accelerates the results and the feel good factor. When you see results and feel good, you get the boost to keep going.”

Pictures below from right to left, Sabrina Ni Concubhair, Onagh O’Driscoll, Lisa and Vanessa Creaven and Jane Swarbrigg. All will be featured online in the coming days

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