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Things Are Looking Dismal For Jodi In Fair City Tonight

Things are looking fairly dismal for poor Jodi in tonight’s Fair City…


It’s going to be a dramatic episode tonight as Debbie’s suspicions are growing. She knows what Cathal is like and she is starting to worry that something may have happened to Jodi.

Rose quickly phones Eoghan and Emmett to come over and Eoghan tells her about seeing Jodi in the lift with Cathal.

Meanwhile, Cathal tells poor Jodi that if she doesn’t fetch him something belonging to Katy today he’ll send her back to her pimp Luka.


Jodi makes her way back to O’Brien’s where Debbie is relieved to see her. Terrified of what Cathal might do, Jodi lies about where she has been and tells concerned Debbie she ran away as someone was following her and her phone died.

Later on, Jodi frantically starts rooting through Katy’s things and manages to grab a letter just before Debbie walks in on her.

What happens next is bound to be one of the most explosive moments in a long time.

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