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Things Take A Turn For The Worst In Tonight’s Fair City

Things are seriously heating up in tonight’s Fair City…

Nora is furious with Ray for landing her in trouble with Cathal.


As Nora and Ray try to reconcile they are interrupted by Cathal who asks her to do some overtime.

She agrees but tells Ray that she is going to check the delivery that comes in to see if there is anything suspicious.

When Cathal tells Nora she is to leave before the delivery arrives, she decides to hide in the warehouse.

As the delivery arrives Nora watches from her hiding spot.

Meanwhile, Paul tries to make Niamh feel better but instead she feels worse.

Later she explains to Marcus that she can’t just leave her husband Paul without a reason.

But Marcus reminds her of his affair with Hayley. When she explains it’s not that easy it seems this could be the end of their budding romance.

Paul compliments Niamh and tells her that she is his number one priority.

As Niamh softens their moment is interrupted when Oisín thanks them for letting him move back in.

Niamh is furious that Paul has caved behind her back and immediately regrets ending things with Marcus.

When Niamh tries to make amends with Marcus; he gives her an ultimatum. Him or Paul, she can’t have both.

The drama!

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