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This is the REAL reason why your lips are constantly chapped!

This is the surprising reason your lips are constantly chapped – and it’s nothing to do with the cold!

A lot of us suffer from dry and flaky lips during the winter time.

Is it because of the central heating? Are you drinking enough water?

Apparently, the real reason for your permanently flaky pout could be your toothpaste.

Writing in a post Reddit user, dannelinflannel explained  “Chapped lips have been the bane of my existence since my childhood. I was a chronic Chapstick user and nothing I did seemed to make it better.”

He continued: “I picked up a travel size Sensodyne ProNamel (because let’s face it changing toothpastes is a big decision) and switched to using just a thin layer of Vaseline on my lips twice a day.”

“Oh my god – the difference it has made in just a week, and it’s the middle of a pretty cold winter here!”

Toothpastes consist of flavourings, preservatives, colouring agents, abrasives, detergents, binding agents, humectants, antiseptics, antacids and fluoride salts so it’s likely one of these could be causing a reaction.

One of the most common irritants can be foaming agent sodium laureth sulfate, which is not found in the sensitive toothpaste brand used by Reddit user dannelinflannel.

Our minds are blown……..


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