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Three tips from Weight Watchers for dining out

No matter how many positive steps you take towards your target weight during the week, when it’s easy to stick with your healthy eating routine, things can go a bit haywire at the weekend. But weekends don’t have to mean you fall off the bandwagon. There are plenty of ways you can still stick with your Weight Watchers plan and enjoy yourself too. This week, Weight Watchers share their top three tips for dining out. Take note ladies!


1. Don’t go starving, go hungry.

If you’re ravenous by the time you arrive to your favourite restaurant, chances are you’re more likely to order to feed your eyes and not your belly. Have a bowl of zero ProPoints value soup to take the edge off your hunger before heading out. This way you will order what you really want and only eat the amount you need. For soup recipes, visit

2. Picking the right starter

Order a bowl of soup ahead of your main meal. Try to choose a stock-based vegetable soup or french onion soup, rather than a creamy soup. It will be satisfying and will save you from overeating! Or start with a side salad, minus the bacon, cheese and croutons. Ask for a balsamic vinegar or low fat dressing, on the side of course!

3. Load on the veggies

Whatever you order, make sure that it has loads of vegetables, these will fill you up more and they’re easier on your points. If you’re having pizza, make it a slice with loads of vegetables, or order a vegetable omelette instead of a cheese one. Making substitutions in your meals mean you can enjoy an evening out without the excess guilt that comes with it!

For more information, tips and recipes, or to find your nearest Weight Watchers group, visit


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