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Tony Tormey attacked in supermarket over Fair City storyline

Fair City star Tony Tormey has revealed that angry fans hit him ‘with a bunch of celery’ over his latest storyline!

The actor, who plays Paul Brennan in the soap, was out shopping with his mother when the incident happened.

Speaking to The Irish Daily Star, he revealed: “I got hit with a bunch of celery while I brought my mother out shopping.”

He explained: “It was by these three women who are in their 80s Id say.”

But poor Tony didn’t get any sympathy off his mum after the attack.

He added: “Then we got back to the intro the car and I said to mam, ‘what did you think of that?’ And mam said ‘sure that was your fault. The way you’re carrying on television. It’s disgraceful.”

We hope you’re not too traumatised by the whole thing Paul!

It comes after last night’s dramatic episode of the RTE soap.

Paul’s whack on the head courtesy of Niamh ultimately resulted in a fire at the garage which threatens Orla’s life.


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