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Two-legged puppy who was saved after being thrown away takes first steps on prosthetic legs

Cupid the two-legged puppy has gotten his Valentine’s wish, learning how to walk with skis!

The 8-week-old puppy was born without front legs and was found by an animal lover abandoned in a garbage can. Cupid’s savior was turned away from a rescue before she found The Dog Rescuers Inc, reports Global News.

The Ontario-based rescuer was impressed by Cupid’s spirited smile and upbeat attitude, even after going through so many hardships in his very young life. Dedicated to giving the pup more reasons to live, The Dog Rescuers Inc. went to work rehabilitating Cupid and building him a set of prosthetic legs.

To fit in with his Canadian surroundings and to make walking easier, Cupid was eventually given a personalized pair of skis. The initial test run came with its falls and flops, but the pup eventually started to get a handle on his new legs. Now, Cupid is getting better at playing on all four paws everyday.

He still has more work ahead to fully learn how to walk, which will require swimming practice, core work and physiotherapy, but he is making serious strides thanks to the support of the rescue and numerous donors.

The end goal is to get Cupid pawing around on prosthetic legs without skis and to find him a forever home that will help him thrive.

We would snap him up in a heartbeat! What cutie……




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