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Viewers Are IMMENSELY Confused After The Pre-Recorded Interviews Air On Tonight’s Late Late Show


We’re generally used to watching The Late Late Show with a feeling a severe jealousy that we’re not in the audience lapping up the atmosphere as the guests arrive onto the stage to have the chats with Ryan, but tonight, viewers found themselves in a state of confusion after two pre-recorded interviews aired and people just couldn’t get their heads around it.

We all know that celebrities are pretty busy people, and sometimes that half 9-11 o’clock slot on a Friday night just doesn’t fit their schedule so naturally, things have to be worked around to that schedule.

graham 2

Tonight’s show saw two pre-recorded interviews with the ever fabulous Graham Norton, and the dashing Michael Buble, but it turns out that some viewers were less than impressed as they took to Twitter to share their concern that the audience was practically empty.

One viewer wrote ”What’s the deal with having no audience in The Late Late Show anymore. That’s so bizarre and makes everything so awkward”.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Another wrote ‘‘This Graham Norton interview should have been done in front of a live audience. He’s very funny and it’s just falling flat”.

While another wrote ‘‘Interview with Graham is so disappointing surely there could have been an audience even if prerecorded. NO laughter”.

Nevertheless, it was so lovely to see him on our screens tonight on his home turf.

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