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Viewers Noticed Something VERY Hilarious In Tonight’s Fair City

As always, Fair City viewers have had us in the stitches tonight as they comment on the latest episode.

As expected, Twitter is absolutely on fire with tweets about Katy, about Emmett and about the increasingly evil Ciaran.

Besides the fact that they pointed out that Ciaran has suddenly morphed into The Joker, eagle-eyes viewers have also spotted something hilarious about Eoghan’s character – and in particular – his choice of clothing.

There were more than twenty tweets commenting about the fact that we never see him without a stripey top.

And now that they’ve pointed it out, we can’t unsee it, and we’ll never be able to watch an episode in peace again without scoping out what kind of t-shirt design he’s wearing.

One fan wrote: ”Jesus Christ. Eoghan is like Homer Simpson, he never changes that stripey t-shirt”.

”A new petition to get Eoghan out of those hideous t-shirts?’‘ wrote another.

While another wrote: ‘‘Never noticed that Eoghan only had one top. And Emmett’s bloody brown coat too”.


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