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Viewers Point Out Six Things About Kylie Platt’s Death

Tonight’s Coronation Street double episode was hugely emotional as Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) was sensationally killed off.


David Platt’s wife met her untimely death when she was horrifically stabbed to death while trying to save her pal Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) from thug Clayton (Callum Harrison) in the kebab shop.

But while fans were left devastated after seeing the young mum die in the arms of husband David (Jack P Shepherd), many fans took to Twitter to raise some discrepancies in the episode.

Here are 6 things we’ve discovered about tonight’s shows…

Crappy  ambulance response times


As always in soaps, when a character’s life is hanging in the balance, the ambulance service are no where to be seen. Come on guys, this is central Manchester!

Fans tweeted:

“Weatherfield ambulance service response times. Room for improvement. #Corrie”

“No wonder so many people die on Corrie if it takes an ambulance that long to get there, f****n ell”

“If George Osborne and David Cameron didn’t make so many cuts to the NHS that ambulance would have been quicker #Kylie #Corrie”

Roy’s big blunder

As the street’s resident first aider, it’s no surprise Roy was the first on the scene after Kylie’s stabbing. But many fans were quick to comment on what a first aid kit would do for a stab wound – come on guys, it’s better than nothing!
But while we’re no medical experts, did you notice that the cafe owner failed to put Gemma in the recovery position after attending to her? Tut tut Roy.

The medical centre is right there guys.


OK, so while first aider Roy was a good call in an emergency, surely the medical centre at the end of the street would’ve been the obvious choice? Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice this blunder.

Fans tweeted:

“Isn’t there a medical centre not 20 yards away ffs? #Corrie”

“Brilliant acting, but isn’t there a medical centre with doctors nearby? Where were they? #Corrie”

“Right outside medical centre but nobody thinks to go in there for a doctor??!!”

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Also Kyle had tube in her mouth in one clip next one it was gone did any one else notice this?

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