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Vogue Williams completes a 75km charity cycle


While most of our Sundays may have revolved around the couch and the new season of Orange is the New Black, not so for Vogue Williams.

Adding yet another achievement to her list, the model and TV star took part in the latest ŠKODA Cycle Series event.

Last year Vogue and her sister Amber took part in an impressive 50km cycle in Sligo and this year Vogue upped the ante even further cycling a massive 75km in Wexford.


The series which includes eight cycling events around Ireland, between April and August, with course distances between 50km and 160km sees all profits raised go to St Vincent de Paul.

Vogue previously admitted that last year’s ŠKODA Cycle Series event had given her a new found love for the sport. Speaking to the Irish Independent she revealed it was the perfect activity, not only for its health and social benefits but for whipping her already enviable figure into better shape, saying:

“You are constantly trying to keep up with the rest, so you are pushing yourself that bit further all the time without even noticing. It’s a really good exercise and there is a lot of support there, having others around you doing the same keeps you motivated,”

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She added:

“I have to work on my legs a lot, so cycling really helps for your legs and your bum area, My legs wouldn’t be naturally that slim, so I really have to work quite hard to sort of tone them up and when they are toned then they are obviously slimmer, so that would be one of the reasons I like to cycle as well. It is very good for your legs and you don’t even have to really think about it that much when you are doing it.”

For more information on the upcoming ŠKODA cycle series event see www.Š

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