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Vogue Williams Reveals Incredible New Career Journey

Vogue, you legend!

Vogue Williams has revealed that she will embark on a very exciting new career venture in the future.

Via Instagram

The gorgeous lady already has a pretty impressive career chart behind her – including modelling, presenting and djing – but she’s not about to stop there.

Speaking to, Vogue admitted that she has something else up her sleeve, and it’s pretty special.

The blonde beauty revealed that she is going to release her own fashion range sometime soon.

”Absolutely. I think that there’s so many things I want to do business wise, I definitely want to have my own clothing range”.

“I’d love to have my own fitness range. There’s loads of things on my agenda, so watch this space.”

Vogue also admitted that she has an incredibly busy year ahead for herself in terms of TV, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

via Instagram

”My series is coming back. I’ve more stuff coming up with RTÉ and my documentaries, and then there’s a couple more things that I’ve been offered”.

“So it’s going to be a really busy year, but I love being busy and I love always working. It’s nice to love what you do, because then it doesn’t feel like work.”


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