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‘Daddy’s Girls’ with Lorraine and Eamonn Keane

He’s our first love, the person who has our back no matter what obstacles life throws at us over the years. So with Fathers’ Day fast approaching, there’s no better time to show our daddy how great he is. We caught up with some famous faces to hear about their father/daughter relationship, what makes their bond so strong and whether they share any similar traits…

Lorainne Keane and Dad 2

Lorraine on Eamonn:

Describe your father in ten words or less.

Kind, gentle, solid, funny, loving, energetic and young at heart.

What’s your favourite memory with your father?

I have so many memories of fun times with Dad. Dad is a musician in The Indians showband so he always worked nights. But it meant he was always around during the day when we would get home from school, which was lovely for us. He plays trumpet, accordion and piano professionally. I loved music and singing and loved when we would learn a new song in school. I would rush home from school to him knowing that I could sing it to him, just once, and he would be able to accompany me on the piano. He was the most talented person I knew.

Is there anything your father always repeated to you growing up that drove you mad?

What’s for you, won’t pass you by!

What’s the best advice he ever gave you?

Chose a career that is a hobby first. That’s what Dad did. He has reared, educated and spoilt seven children doing what he loves most, playing music. He never encouraged any of us into music as he felt it was too tough a business, especially for women, so writing and public speaking were my other interests. That’s how I ended up studying Broadcasting and Journalism.

What traits do you share with your father?

My work ethic. I don’t suffer fools.

How has he influenced you and your life?

He taught me that if I wanted something badly enough I could have it, so long as I was willing to work for it.

Eamonn on Lorriane:

What’s the best thing about being a father?

Seeing Lorraine and the rest of my children grow and mature into the people they have become is brilliant. It’s a really interesting experience because you get to watch your children repeating things you may have

done and it gives you another perspective on the journey your own parents went through with you. You wonder, ‘did I do those things, was I like that with my parents?’ You learn all these new things when you have your own children.

What about the most challenging aspect of being a parent?

We had a big family and what I always found challenging was trying to keep your work and family going at the same time. Because when you have responsibilities you think you have to work harder and harder, so it’s hard to find that balance. But my parents always told me just do your best, as long as you’re doing your best you can’t do any more.

Were you a strict father?

I was strict in an easygoing way! Sometimes you think as a parent you are being cruel when you insist on something being done your way, but at the same time you’re being cruel to be kind.

What’s your favourite memory with your children?

Their whole life is a fantastic memory. Watching them grow up from babies to adults. Our family holidays… I always really enjoyed them. Whenever we are all together, is my happiest and most cherished times. Even today our family gatherings are still just as wonderful; it’s beautiful to see my children as the mature people that they are now and how they are now parenting their own children.

What’s your favourite memory with your own father?

I would come home from school and go out on the bread van with him. He was a bread delivery man, and in those days you had the bread man calling to your door, with the bread. I used to love going up around the Dublin Mountains. They were great days. I would do the running for him, so I’d run down with the basket and I loved doing it. He also taught me to drive during those times when I was just 11 or 12.

Did your relationship with your father influence you as a parent?

Very much so! It made me realise that the great time I shared with my father I wanted to repeat with my own children, and have those same cherished memories. So I made sure to enjoy our holidays together and I always made sure that I spent my leisure time with my children.

Lorainne Keane and Dad

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