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We Do! Peaches Geldof and Tom Cohen’s Retro Wedding

Peaches Geldof looked beautiful as she was married to Thomas Cohen over the weekend at the picturesque St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence Church in Davington, Kent. Wearing a crown of daisies and an ethereal lace gown, the 23-year-old was the perfect vintage bride. In a picture released by Hello magazine, the bride is seen posing with her father Sir Bob Geldof and new hubby Thomas, and their baby son Astala. It’s nice to see them in the news for a happier reason than when Astala fell out of his buggy earlier this week, see that story here!

The wedding ceremony was held at the same church that Peaches’ parents were married and also where her mother Paula Yates’ funeral took place in twelve years ago. The reception was held at Bob’s Kent country mansion, Davington Priory. Peaches described it as  ‘a country wedding meets Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ and quirky touches included the couple having their eight-month-old Golden Retriever puppy Parper as their ring-bearer.

The blue-and cream-iced wedding cake featured edible pig characters, as Peaches said: ‘I am obsessed with pigs- I just think they’re adorable so they had to play a part in the wedding’.

Wedding guests arrive in retro outfits

In his father-of-the-bride speech, Bob said that it was a ‘relief’ to see his second-eldest daughter married.

‘’It’s a beautiful day, in all senses of the word. I am happy for them. I love seeing people in love.”

Peaches, who looks  very like her mother Paula, said that she always feels that her late mum is close to her. She had seven bridesmaids, including her sisters Fifi Trixiebelle, Pixie and Tigerlily, and said that she was glad to get married for the sake of her baby Astala.

“‘I feel her presence all the time but especially today. Mum loved family celebrations and she would adore Tom and the fact that we’ve married here. I know she is watching over me and feeling so happy for us. I know it might seem old fashioned but I love that Astala will know that his parents are together and have taken the vows we’re taken today. I’ve married the most wonderful man who I know loves me beyond anything, through my faults.”

My new blue velvet and lace 1960s vintage dress. Love!

Peaches wore three different outfits throughout her wedding day. The retro theme wasn’t a surprise as the former party girl loves vintage and the 60s, and tweeted a pic of herself earlier this week wearing a 1960s blue velvet and lace dress. On Friday she posted a snap of her left hand to her Twitter page.

Very soon my engagement ring will have a wedding band under it! SO excited- my last few days of not being a wife!!!!

She was previously got married to American singer Max Drummey in Las Vegas in 2008, but they split up in February 2009.

“My hen do look! Not that exciting to be honest.”

Earlier this week the DJ enjoyed her hen party at a sushi restaurant in London but the event was very low-key, with Peaches back at home before 11 pm.

The hen’s party

We at RSVP wish Peaches and Tom every happiness.

Peaches and Tom posed for Hello magazine when she was pregnant on Astala

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