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10 GORGE bridesmaid proposal ideas

Have you chosen your bridesmaids for wedding party? If yes, then it is time to ask your ladies “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Show your girls how much they mean to you by popping the question in a fun and memorable way. Here are some gorgeous bridesmaid proposal ideas….. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. […]

10 of the Most Stylish Bridesmaid Dress Ideas from Pinterest

It’s very important that your bridesmaid squad looks their best on your big day. We’re all about individual style and unique twists on tradition, so we’re taking a look at some of the most stylish bridesmaid looks out there for you to take inspiration from. These are guaranteed to give you #bridesmaidgoals  1. 2. 3. […]

5 of the Most Questionable Bridesmaid Dresses Ever

  When it comes to picking bridesmaid dresses, the majority of brides want their gals to look their best. Your bridesmaids’ dresses should flatter your gown, and help to express the colours and themes that you’ve chosen for your big day. We aren’t quite sure what these brides were thinking when they dressed their squads […]

The 6 Best HighStreet Shops for Bridesmaid Dresses in Ireland

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses can be a stressful task, especially if your gal pals come in all different shapes and sizes. Running from one part of the country to the next to visit boutiques can take up massive amounts of time as well, and let’s face it – brides-to-be don’t have time to mess around. […]

Imelda May, Is That You?

Imelda May is well known for her rockabilly look, but her statement red lip and vintage quiff is nowhere to be seen in her new music video and we cannot get over how different she looks. In her new music video which is named ”Call Me’, the Dublin native has shown us her more natural side […]

The is the Most Popular Bridesmaids Dress on Pinterest Ever

The most popular bridesmaids dress on the Internet right now has been revealed – and we can totally understand why! Bridesmaid dresses are often one of the most stressful parts of organising a wedding, especially if your besties come in different shapes and sizes. One dress is changing the game  however – not only is […]


Brilliant Hen Party Ideas from Pinterest

  Looking for some Hen Night ideas that haven’t all been done before? Impress the gals by adding some of these special touches to your big bash, and make your last hurrah as a single lady a night to remember… Related: 10 of the cutest ever wedding ideas from Pinterest

The Hottest Bridesmaid Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Want your bridesmaids to step out in style on your wedding day? Be bang on trend with these spring/summer 2016 bridesmaid crazes… Jumpsuits Be brave and let your bridesmaids wear jumpsuits for their walk down the aisle. Not only will they be super comfortable for the whole day, they’ll also look incredible. Mismatched Never again […]

The Hottest New Bridal Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Weddings are about to cross a lot of boundaries for Spring/Summer 2016 – and it’s about time! Prepare to get bigger, brighter and bolder, as weddings go to places they have never gone before.. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Never again will you need to land your bridesmaids with dresses that they hate. Use colour schemes or […]

Three Unique Hen Party Ideas For Bride’s Who Don’t Drink

Having a hen party is one of the most exciting things about your wedding, but for some Bride’s who don’t drink, they may actually dread this tradition a little bit. But as our Mother’s have always said, you don’t need drink to have fun, at least not all of the time. So we’ve compiled a […]

Three Best Highstreet Shops To Buy Your Bridesmaid Dresses On A Budget

The big day is approaching and you’re probably tearing your hair out trying to oraganise everything, and what’s worse is that the money which you have saved up for the past century is disappearing quicker than the spray tan that you paid 50 quid for. Fear not ladies because although you want to treat your […]

How to throw the best hen party without spending mounds of money

We all know that the typical hen party goes something like this…. You and your bridesmaid’s spend about a year planning this hen getaway, but when it comes to it, it wasn’t at all what you expected it to be. You’ve all spent about two months wages on clothes, tacky but traditional ‘Bride-to-be’ banners and […]

Let’s Talk High End Wedding Style

Do you want to be the talk of the wedding? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed? These “high end” fashion look from Matthew Williamson are perfect choices if you want to go all out and splurge for the big day. With looks for the bride, bridemaids, guests and the […]

Five ways to keep your bridesmaids happy

As a bride, you have a lot of things to be worrying about. Between the dress, the venue and of course, the husband-to-be, there isn’t a lot of time left to take care of everything you need to. But if there’s one thing you really need to make sure that you do, it’s to try […]

The best places in Ireland to throw your bride the best hen party

What’s the best thing about your friend getting married you ask? No, it’s not all the dressing up, it’s not the fact that she’s going to live happily ever after, and it’s not that it’s probably going to be the best day of her entire life. Why, it’s the hen party of course. Throwing a […]

How to re-wear your bridesmaid dress

We all know that the Bride is the main focus of her big day.  But there are definitely a number of other people who are a part of the wedding process and affected by the stress and joys of it all: namely, the bridesmaids. Anyone who has filled these shoes can attest, it’s not always a […]

5 Money-Saving Tips for Bridesmaids

Weddings are VERY expensive events, and sometimes that can put a lot of pressure not only on the bride and groom, but also the bridesmaids, who are there to cater for the bride’s every need on her big day. From organizing a hen party to getting your hair, makeup, tan and nails done, it all […]

The Most Beautiful Irish Celeb Weddings

We can all admit that what Celebs are currently wearing and doing can be something of a fascination to us but there is a higher level of utter excitement again around the “Celeb Weddings.” We take a look inside some of the most gorgeous Celeb Weddings over the years. Amy Huberman and Brian O’ Driscoll […]

Three classic bridesmaid dresses that never go out of style

Okay, it has to be said that of course, the bride is the one person who is supposed to stand out on her wedding day. But that’s not to say that the bridesmaid’s can’t look spectacular too. Sometimes bridesmaids’s can be overlooked but it’s still important for them to feel pretty and special on the […]

7 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Know

Lets just put it out there, being a bridesmaid isn’t always the fabulous and glamourous role that it’s always made out to be. More often than not it can be one of the most stressful times of your life. You’re trying to please your bride, all the while trying not to crack up, pretending to […]