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This Weekend Will See An Epic Battle Of Fitness With #TheFilthy150

CROSSFIT has just exploded since it reached Ireland over seven years ago and this weekend sees the ultimate fitness competition The Filthy 150.

The Filthy 150 - Alan Rowlette Photography

The Filthy 150 – Alan Rowlette Photography

In what is set to be an epic battle of fitness The Filthy 150 will see over 1,000 competitors from hundreds of gyms compete in Swords for the title of Ireland’s Fittest Team.

Crossfit is based on the principles of functional fitness which is how your body is designed to move, push, pull and carry. This translates not just from the gym floor but into every day life. Such is the success of Crossfit it has stood the test of time and in recent years the popularity has exploded.


The Filthy 150 pits mixed teams of athletes, each representing their chosen gym, across a range of enduring physical trials.

Jamie Lawlor, owner of CrossFit Swords, and co-founder of the event is gearing up for a fitness fuelled weekend.

‘The Filthy 150 is an opportunity for athletes of all levels to test and push themselves to their limit. For some is the sheer satisfaction of being able to compete at a fitness competition for others is a podium finish that drives them, the kudos of being the fittest gym in the country. But what’s for sure is that every single athlete will be giving it their all, achieving more than they thought possible, driven on by the encouragement, screams and energy created by the crowd. The atmosphere at Filthy 150 is electric.’


Crossfit has reached mass appeal with women and men from 16 to 60 embracing the fitness regime.

Former Apprentice star Michelle Massey is a huge ‘crossfitter’ and she has radically transformed her body and mindset fas a result of her workouts.

Michelle is a member of the Crossfit Ireland Gym and will be representing her gym at the Filthy 150.

Michelle Massey

The competition will be a fitness extravaganza and will see competitors tackle rope climbing, walking on their hands and doing push-ups into a handstand. The women will be lifting more than their own body weight and completing synchronised pull-ups in the quickest time possible.

Drawing from a number of disciplines including gymnastics and weightlifting, the teams are scored on their performance for each event.


Co-host Alan Fitzpatrick of crossfire Navan said that Crossfit is a workout for everyone.

‘Crossfit is accessible to everyone and the community is growing all of the time.’

As well as being a fitness spectacle, the event will bulge the economy in Swords with the event expected to bring over three million to the community.

Don’t miss it.

For more information visit, The Filthy 150, here. 

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