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Penneys is selling these STUNNING blue shoes and we want them!

Penney’s is selling these STUNNING blue shoes and we want them! These footwear must haves are on sale across the country for only €11… They’re very bold, so they’re not for the faint hearted, but if you think you can rock a vibrant pair of blue heels then these are for you! These are best paired […]

Aldi is selling “designer dupe” sandals for just €5.49!

Aldi is selling “designer dupe” sandals for just €5.49 and they are going to fly out the door. What a FANTASTIC bargain. We can’t get over the price of these stunning shoes, perfect for your holidays. These are just like the metallic Birkenstock sandals that cost €75! Choose from three eye-catching colours, there is something […]

LIDL are selling a must have bottle opener wall decoration for just €3.99

LIDL are selling a bottle opener wall decoration- and we NEED one! There’s nothing worse than trying to open that icy cold bottle of beer at the BBQ, and then realising that you’ve forgotten the bottle opener! Fear not, LIDL are making sure that we never loose the bottle opener again with these gorge wall […]

This Beach Bag From Lidl Is So Pretty

This is so cute! It’s not summer without a beach bag, and that’s why we’ve fallen in love with these two stunning ones from Lidl. These are a complete bargain at only 8 Euro each and you can choose from the plain white woven style bag, or the navy and white striped one. For that […]

Penney’s are selling a gorgeous yellow Summer dress for only €16

Penney’s are selling a gorgeous yellow Summer dress for only €16. When we need to go shopping for our holidays, Penneys  in one of the first places we head, because not only do they sell clothes for so cheap, but they’re also so stylish. From bikini’s to footwear, Penney’s has a lot to offer, and […]

LIDL are selling gorgeous Summer dresses for only €8.99

LIDL are selling gorgeous Summer dresses for only €8.99. You’re going to want to be quick, because these stylish Summer dresses are sure to be a hit when they go on sale in LIDL stores this Thursday, June 22nd. Once again LIDL have another amazing Summer bargain, and we’re very excited. These gorgeous dresses come […]

LIDL are selling very unusual but pretty decor, and we love it

LIDL are selling very unusual but pretty decor, and we love it. As part of their “Eastern decor” specialbuys they’re selling these gorgeous Melinera Decorative Metal Lanterns and they’re so pretty. They only cost €4.99, and are perfect for decorating inside or for nice lighting for Summer evening spent chilling in your garden. These will […]

Bloggers Are Going Wild For This Contour Kit In Dealz

You’d never expect to find steals like in in Dealz, but nevertheless, here we are. Bloggers are going absolutely crazy for this contour kit that’s on sale in Dealz and we can see why. For only 1.50, this is probably the best steal you’ll find this week, and we love it. This is supposed to […]

People Are Giving Out Over A Bikini Top From Penneys!

Is this a bit steep for Penneys?…we have little to be complaining about really! We’re so used too paying very little for stunning clothes in Penneys, so when the price is unexpectedly hiked up every now and again, people are less than impressed. A post shared by Primark (@primark) on Jun 14, 2017 at 12:25pm […]

FRIDAY: Three Unreal Ways To Make Your Hair Shinier At Home

Every woman wants shiny hair, but sometimes, getting that can be really, really expensive. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three easy ways to make your hair silky smooth, and all from natural and home products. You’ll thank us for this, believe us! Eggs  Eggs are perhaps one of the best ingredients to provide […]

Lidl Have An Ice-Cream Maker On Sale, And Everyone Wants It

Everybody – your summer has just been made. What else would you need on a scorching hot day, only a good old bowl of Ice-cream. And what makes it even better? Maybe the fact that you can make it from scratch at home, and enjoy your very own signature ice-cream. This also includes recipe suggestions […]

Dealz is selling the most perfect lip gloss

Dealz is selling the most perfect lip gloss and it is an absolute bargain. Ladies around the country are dying to get their hands on their latest beauty dupe. Forget splurging more than €20 for similar gloss in MAC when you can nab Make Up Gallery Shine On Bold Lip Gloss for just €1.50 Bloggers around […]

These floral trousers from Aldi are everything!

These floral trousers from Aldi are everything we need for holiday season. The best thing though? They are a complete designer look-a-like and such a bargain. We love a good bargain and these are the image of Ted Baker pants worth more than €160! Save yourself an absolute fortune before you head Italy, Spain, Portugal […]

How Is This Penneys Top Only €10?

Penneys is seriously, seriously on fire this season with their summer stock. And it just seems to be getting better and better, especially since we’ve seen this amazing top. All of the designer stores, and the high-street shops are all about the flared sleeves, and this one is no different. The must have top of […]

This Tesco Jacket Looks Like One Of The Most Expensive Designer Coats Ever

Okay it has to be said, sometimes Tesco can be hit and miss. There’s either some incredibly beautiful pieces on offer in store, or there’s items that you would never dream of wearing in a million years. But believe us, this stunning printed coatigan is not one of those pieces. This gorgeous 3/4 sleeved piece […]