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What Does Your Eye Colour Say About You?



The eyes are said to be a window to the soul, but how much can you really tell about a person based on their eye colour?

A study by scientists in Australia found that people with blue eyes are more competitive and disagreeable than people with brown eyes. People with brown eyes are also thought off as the most trustworthy.

However another study in the United States found that people with lighter colour eyes have a pain tolerance and experience less pain when giving birth than people with darker coloured eyes.



Blue: This is the second most common eye colour in the world, but more common in Northern European countries like Ireland. People with blue eyes tend to have bright and happy nature, are often the most sincere out of the bunch and the most intellectual.

Grey: People with grey eyes and born to be dominant and leaders. They are said to be strong in nature, but wise and gentle. They take love and romance very seriously and these are not the kind of people whom you will see fooling around.




Brown: The most common eye colour worldwide. People with brown eyes are good-natured and they like to make new friends. It is a colour associated with the earth, an people with brown eyes are thought to prefer the simple things in life.

Green: Green is one of the rarest eye colours; they are seen as mysterious and enchanting. People with green eyes love freedom, project sex appeal and perform well under great pressure. Green is the colour most associated with nature, and people with green eyes are seen as having a zest for life.

Hazel: People with hazel eyes are seen as spontaneous, fun loving and always up for an adventure. They are brave and courageous people who encourage diversity and they tend to get bored of monotony very easily.

Did you know?

Your eye colour can darken or lighten over time.

Some people can have two different colour eyes; this is caused by a condition called hetrochromia. Actress Mila Kunis suffers from this condition, having one brown eye and one green eye.

Just like fingerprints, no two people have the exact same eye colour.

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