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Aisling O’Loughlin Reveals Why She Called Her New Son ‘Joe’

What’s in a name? Aisling O’Loughlin has opened up about baby Joe for the first time since welcoming her third baby into the world last month.

The Xposé presenter said that Joe wasn’t her first choice as a name and it took a lot of discussion with her partner, Nic Mac Innes. When they finally decided on the name, it was because there was a special meaning behind it…

aisling o'loughlin

“Nic and I wanted something meaningful for our newest addition, so by the time the little man arrived, a day early, by emergency C-section at Dublin’s Holles Street National Maternity Hospital, we still hadn’t settled on what we’d call him.

“We’d toyed with Arthur, but with Mac Innes as a surname it sounded too much like Arthur Guinness. We tried Albert on for size, but it just didn’t stick, as much as we love the name. We liked Edward a lot but, again, it never quite felt right for our boy. So we waited to have a look at him before deciding,” explained Aisling in her latest column in RSVP Magazine. 

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aisling o'loughlin

“Thing is, on arrival, he looked like a little kitten, as did his two brothers previously, so it’s hard to go on a new face alone considering how much they can change within months. Finally, a full week after birth, we settled on Joseph, as it runs in both our families, most importantly Marie-Josephe was a middle name for Nic’s recently deceased mother, Anne.

“It made perfect sense – although Nic doesn’t want to call him Joe. Good luck with that I say; I can’t stop myself! In Hebrew, Joseph means ‘he will add’, and already this little man has brought so much more love and happiness to our world, if not a little less sleep. We are thrilled to have him join the clan. Welcome little one,” continued Aisling.

Isn’t lovely to have such a special name for such a special boy- congrats again to her!

Read what else Aisling had to say in this month’s issue of RSVP Magazine- on shelves now

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