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WHEELS AND HEELS: 5 Quick And Easy Ways To Cut Your Fuel Costs


Test Drive Advice

Do your homework – have a look at a few cars you’re interested in and do your research before going for a test drive. Know what you want from a car such as space, efficiency, etc.
Set up an appointment – call or email in advance to set up a test drive at a time that suits you so you’re not in a rush.
Get comfortable – reset the seat and mirrors to your needs, make sure you treat the car as if it’s your own to get the most realistic driving experience for yourself.

Bring help – are you sharing the car with someone? Bring them along. Or if not, bring a family member or friend along, it’s always helpful to have a second opinion.
Hit the road – instead of just driving 500m down the road, take the car to a nearby shopping centre or somewhere you visit quite often. See how it is to park, size wise, and is there anything obscuring your vision.


CAR OF THE MONTH – Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai have recently introduced the brand new Ioniq. This car comes in three different models: the Hybrid, a petrol engine combined with an electric motor; a Plug-in Hybrid, almost the same as the Hybrid but with a larger battery that can be charged externally; and the EV, a pure electric version with a range of up to 280km.

In all versions, the steering is light and easy to manage and has been set up to handle well in urban areas. However, get it out onto the road and you maintain the light steering but with lots of grip and smooth brakes. And the electric motor means there’s a real punch anytime you accelerate.

One of my favourite aspects about the Ioniq however is the near silence that comes from the engine. Sit in, start the car and you’ll instantly notice the absence of background noise. You honestly cannot even tell if the engine is even running. Internally, the Ioniq is top of the range with standard features including rear parking sensors, rear view camera, a 5.0 colour touchscreen, air con, Bluetooth and USB and Aux connections. Safety features are not skimped on either with each model including a 5-star Euro NCAP rating, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning System, Lane Keep Assist and a Hill-start Assist to name just a few.

Prices start from €29,900 for the fully electric model, this includes the SEAI Grant and VRT Rebate. Trust me, you won’t regret driving this car. The Hyundai Ioniq philosophy is that electric cars should all have the dynamic ride and handling characteristics that make driving a pleasure – and that’s exactly what it delivers.


1. COMBINE YOUR TRIPS. Sounds simple but sometimes it’s easy to just run out and get things as you think of them. A warmed-up engine is a more fuel-efficient engine.
2. CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE. When your tires are low it creates a greater rolling resistance and the engine has to work harder to get through the air.

3. ANTICIPATE. Expect the unexpected and slow down in advance. Gently using your brakes is more fuel efficient than harsh braking.
4. GET RID OF THE EXTRA WEIGHT. A heavier car uses more fuel, so try and empty out unnecessary weight.
5. KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN. Believe it or not a clean car will glide through the air more efficiently than a dirty one.



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