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WHEELS AND HEELS With Ann Harvey: Buying Your First Car



For the past couple of months I’ve been shopping for my first car. To be honest I’ve found it pretty daunting, trying to find a car you like is hard enough, let alone having to spend a huge amount of money. Buying a car should be a fun, exciting experience and it absolutely can be, providing you’ve done your research!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that there are so many different ways to buy a new car nowadays that you don’t necessarily need the upfront value to take the car home. By choosing a finance option such as PCP, the frightening lump payment is broken up into monthly payments, making affording a new car so much easier. I chose PCP because it’s simple. You just pick your car, along with your repayment period and after the contract ends you have 3 options:

1. You can trade in the car for a new one and start again.

2. You can keep it (if you just love it too much) by paying the final repayment.

3. Or you can just hand back the keys and walk away.

There are advantages of going with an option like this that I hadn’t even thought of! Obviously monthly repayments are more affordable than a large lump sum, but also regular car changes mean you spend less on repairs and maintenance. If you’re looking to buy a car, but don’t think you could afford one, finance plans are definitely worth looking into!


CAR OF THE MONTH – New Renault Megane



Since arriving into our showrooms mid-July, the all-new fourth generation Renault Megane has taken over. Highlighting the best of Renaults design and innovation, both the inside and outside of this car are incredible.

How does it differ from the previous version?

It has adopted a much more bold and sporty appearance, appealing to a wider audience than before. The latest model is leaner and longer, so there is now more interior space making it a much more comfortable experience for anyone travelling in it. It also sports more efficient engines and puts a greater focus on technology.

Obviously, as with all cars, spec levels vary, depending on the car you purchase! However using the Dynamique Nav as an example, some of the features that come as standard include Bluetooth, cruise control, parking sensors, 7 inch touchscreen and one of my favourite features – the hands free keycard (for when your hands are full with shopping bags, your phone or a coffee!)

With prices starting at €19,490 and PCP figures from just €155 per month* (with 3% APR. 3 years servicing and 5 years warranty and roadside assistance!)

The all new Renault Megane is the perfect combination of style and comfort, and should be a very strong contender if you’re looking to buy a new car.



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