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WHEELS AND HEELS: Hints and Tips for 171 Car Buying

January marks the start of the 171 car buying season. For anyone working in the motor industry, this is what we’ve been working towards for the past three months! Yes, cars are hugely expensive, but they’re also a significant investment in your life, so do your research before shopping around to ensure you get the best and right deal for you! If you’re looking to buy a new car this year, here are a few things to think about:

(1) Budget?

How much can you afford to spend on your new car? Bear in mind you should include running costs, tax and insurance in this. Once you have your budget, be strong and stick to it.

(2) Petrol or Diesel?

While motor tax and pump prices are cheaper for diesel cars than petrol – you won’t get the full value of this if you’re only doing short journeys. Diesel cars are generally better for the longer commutes and petrol cars can work out cheaper for the shorter journeys, so have a think about your driving lifestyle.

(3) Technology

Have an idea of what technology you want in your car to ensure you don’t lose something you love or need. For example, some cars no longer have CD players, and Bluetooth for your phone is an essential need now. Yet other people may want sat nav or parking sensors as an added feature.

(4) Consider Finance

If you’re looking to buy a new car but mightn’t have the lump sum up front, consider looking into finance and paying a smaller monthly fee instead. Yes you’re tied into a contract, but you also get to drive a brand new car which you otherwise mightn’t be able to afford.

(5) Where to buy?

While nowadays you can buy a car from many different avenues, I tend to favour mainstream car dealerships as you do have the advantage of better after-sales and service support.

Celeb Spotting:


Niall Scannell picking up his new Renault Kadjar.

Car of the month – BMW 5 Series


Launched to the public in October, the new BMW 5 Series is a class act. As with the current model, the new 5 Series will be produced in three distinctive body styles: the Saloon, the Touring and the GT. BMW will be launching four engine options, with two petrol and two diesel, as well as an iPerformance plug-in hybrid. Now 100kg lighter, the basic level diesel engine will reach 100km/h in just 7.6sec so it won’t be embarrassed any time it finds itself on an open road.

A stylish exterior update is evident while at the same time maintaining the traditional silhouette BMW customers know and love. The front grille meets the headlights to give a fierce and powerful road appearance. The interior is virtually indistinguishable from the 7 Series both comfort and technology wise.


The 5 Series has always been BMW’s technology leader, and the latest 7th generation is not wavering from that reputation. The brand new version has unprecedented levels of semi-autonomous driving capabilities. The car combines a stereo camera, along with ultrasound and radar sensors to analyse the area surrounding the car. Features included are a Crossing Traffic warning, a Lane Change Assistant (LCA) and an active Lane Keeping Assistant (LKA) that nudges the steering to pull a drifting car back into its lane. Its Active Cruise Control (ACC) joins forces with the speed-limit recognition software and the steering and lane-keeping systems let the driver do, well, very little.


The new 5 Series adds new connectivity features, too, including an optional system that, like the 7 Series, allows it to be parked via the key even if you’re not in the car. Let’s just say there is no lack of technology in the latest 5 series! While prices are not yet finalised, the car is due into European showrooms in early February. The amazingly stylish “Business Athlete” BMW 5 Series is one to definitely keep an eye on!

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