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Wheels and Heels: Quick Guide to changing a puncture


ANN’S ADVICE: Quick Guide to changing a puncture: 

(1) Make sure your car is secure on flat ground, in first gear, with the handbrake on.

(2) Next you will need a spare tyre, a jack, a wheel brace, a Hi-Vis vest and a triangle. Place the triangle about 20m behind the car to alert other drivers.

(3) Take the hubcap off the punctured wheel to expose the wheel nuts. Use the wrench to loosen the four nuts – do not fully take them off.

(4) Once this is done, jack up the car. Every car has a reinforced jacking point, you can find this in the vehicle manual.

(5) Once the car is raised sufficiently off the ground you can finish taking off the wheel nuts. Make sure you put them somewhere safe so you don’t lose them.

(6) Pull the wheel off your car and slide it under the car as an added precaution in case the car were to fall off the jack.

(7) Grab the spare tyre, lift it onto the wheel and rotate until it lines up with the four holes.

(8) Start reapplying the nuts to the spare tyre and ensure they are tightened well.

(9) Once the new tyre is in place, remove the punctured tyre from beneath the car and begin to let the car down.

(10) Remove the jack and tighten the wheel nuts as secure as you can.

(11) Call into a garage as soon as possible to get them to replace the spare tyre with a new one.

(12) There’s also no shame in ringing for help!



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