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WHEELS AND HEELS: Top Tips For Keeping Your Insurance Costs Down


With Car insurance prices on the rise once again here are a few tips to keeping your insurance costs lower.


(1) THINK BEFORE YOU BUY – What insurance do you need? Fully comprehensive? Third party fire and theft? Not an option for everyone but younger drivers may not always need all-inclusive insurance.
(2) PAYING INSTALMENTS – While it’s not always a viable option for everyone paying your premium in one lump sum generally is cheaper.
(3) SHOP AROUND – Don’t just stay with the first quote you get, look around and see which company offers the best deal for you.
(4) REDUCE YOUR MILEAGE – If at all possible reduce your annual mileage. Travelling over 15,000km in one year means you’re more of a risk to an insurance company.
(5) AND FINALLY BUILD YOUR NO CLAIMS BONUS – If you don’t make a claim for a number of years you are more likely to get a significant discount on your premium.



1. KEEP YOUR ENGINE COOL. While we don’t always have the hottest summers it’s still vital to ensure your engine coolant is topped up.
2. TIRES. Warm weather and hot roads mean tires are more susceptible to wear and tear, so check them regularly.
3. CLEAN YOUR CAR. Giving your car a good spring clean is necessary as a dirty windscreen paired with a low hanging sun can be very hazardous.
4. OTHER ESSENTIAL FLUIDS. Check oil, brake and windscreen washer fluids. These are constantly used and consumed and needed even more during the summer months.



The head turning Nissan Juke isn’t just a crossover – it’s a car that is perfectly suited for the young contemporary family that likes to travel in style. The Juke’s distinctive looks paired with tempting prices, on board technology and fuel economy means it remains hugely successful.

The exterior features are very detailed and eye catching, made up by a combination of lights and sporty taillights, a fiercely sculpted hood, and muscular lines – it’s anything but ordinary. With the look of a 2-door sports car and the function of a 4-door, the Juke is the best of both worlds. Internally, the sleek, shiny, polished dashboard is uniquely designed to suit every customer’s needs.

There’s sufficient space to fit 4 adults comfortably, along with having plenty of usefully placed storage. At 354 litres the boot space is more than big enough-making it a very practical choice. The Juke is also packed full of technology, with the top spec version including alloy wheels, air-con, sat-nav, a reversing camera, DAB radio and Nissan Connect.

Safety wise, the Nissan Juke has everything you need – 6 standard airbags, Electronic Stability Program, Blind Spot and Lane Departure Warning System. As well as this, the Juke was awarded the maximum 5-star EURO NCAP rating.

The Juke range prices start at just €20,995, meaning you can drive a brand new one for only €94 per week. With Nissan’s stellar reputation for reliability, combined with the efficiency, practicality and style of this car, there’s a very good chance the Nissan Juke could be your next car.


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