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Wheels and Heels: Top Tips For Planning A Spring Road Trip

Whether you’re going on a quick weekend escape or a cross-country trek, follow these guidelines to ensure a safe, but fun-filled time.

TAKING YOUR CAR? – Make sure its service is up to date – nothing dampens a road trip spirit more than sitting at the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.

FILL IT UP – Have a full tank of fuel, you never know where you’ll end up!

HAVE A LOOSE PLAN – The best adventures can come from nowhere, so have some ideas of where you’d like to go – and be flexible.

CHARGE UP YOUR PHONE – Not only is it handy to have battery in case of emergency, but it’s also nice to be able to play your own music.

DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! – If it’s really that important get your passenger to text for you, otherwise just enjoy yourself and you can text when you arrive.


1. PREPARE YOUR VEHICLE – Ensure that your lights and wiper blades are clean and working fully. Turn your headlights on to help other vehicles see you.

2. TAKE YOUR TIME – Slowing down is the only way to keep your vehicle from hydroplaning on wet roads.

3. GIVE OTHER VEHICLES MORE SPACE – Add 1-2 extra meters between you and the car in front, in the rain stopping time is dramatically reduced.

4. BOTH HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL – This is crucial in case the wind begins to move your vehicle.

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