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Who is the King and Queen of Irish Country Music? YOU DECIDE

RSVP is on the hunt find out the King and Queen of Irish Country Music.

We here in RSVP are big fans of Ireland’s country music artists – both old and new – and frequently feature photo shoots and interviews with the hottest stars of the genre within our magazine.

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With a booming country music scene evident across the 32 counties, we are spoilt for choice with a host of male and female talent.

What song can’t you get out of your head, which performance has you weak at the knees and which star can you not get enough of? We want to hear your opinions…

Irish Country Music singers are known to have such a strong, loyal fan base who support and follow their favourite artists to many venues across the country so now it is time to choose your favourite star to top our polls and win the coveted titles of King and Queen of Irish Country Music.

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Cast your vote now… Voting close Dec 16

Queen of Country Music – Lisa McHugh

King of Country Music – Nathan Carter

If your favourite isn’t on the list, just click “other” and leave your answer in the comments section below!




Catherine stapleton

Definitely Nathan Carter for King of country no competition he is the best

Tamara Porter

For me it has to be Nathan Carter and Lisa Mchugh 🙂 love them both


I wud think lisa mchugh b the queen of the country and Nathan Carter the king of the country

Martina Hanlon

Lorraine,beautiful singer ,great talent .and as for ,Gerry ,the best Country singer,in Ireland ,top music.and a gentleman.

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