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Woman Orders Wedding Dress Online And Receives THIS

After a girl bought a prom dress online and received a “quilt with arm holes”, an investigation was launched into all those Facebook scam websites that pinch your dollar, dollar bills in return for clothes that look NOTHING like the advertised photos.

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And whilst the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been more true, it hasn’t stopped these poor unsuspecting brides-to-be from being scammed out of their money by sketchy online retailers..

This one though, is by FAR the worst.

This poor bride-to-be ordered this stunning wedding dress online thinking that the most eye-catching part about it was the subtle chest detail, however, when she received it, it looked more like two huge cotton pads were sewed onto her boobs.

At times like this, it’s safe to say that we’ll stick to the real life shops and not the online ones.

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